Within the framework of current negotiations, the Organization of the Guarani Communities of Bolivia has submitted an agreement proposal to Repsol.

Press Release

The Assembly of the Guarani People of Itika Guasu (APG IG), located in the O'Connor province of the Tarija department in the Republic of Bolivia, and affected directly by the exploration activities of the REPSOL YPF company as well as its exploitation and transportation of gas and petroleum, disseminates the following information to the general public:

Since February of 2006, the APG IG has insisted that the Bolivian government and the transnational corporation REPSOL YPF change their stance toward the community and guarantee not to violate the rights of indigenous peoples. We make these demands because REPSOL YPF does not respect policies that safeguard our human rights.

In May of 2006, representatives of the APG IG held meetings with representatives of REPSOL YPF in Madrid and representatives of the Spanish government, as well as members of the country's legislative branch. During those meetings, the APG IG made public the results of the Independent Indigenous Evaluation, which provides evidence of the social, environmental, and cultural harms that REPSOL YPF has inflicted on our territories by its failure to follow international norms and standards.

On June 7, 2006, we began a series of meetings with the president of REPSOL YPF Bolivia. The meetings resulted in the first great agreement that was reached on June 27, 2007.

The series of meetings undertaken with REPSOL YPF will not be conducted for an indefinite period. We set August 24, 2007 as the time deadline for completing the negotiations. The time limit was established in order to ensure that once and for all, REPSOL YPF assumes practices that respect the environment and the culture of the GUARANÍ DE ITIKA GUASU PEOPLE.

As a community affected by the petroleum operations of REPSOL YPF, we are aware that the presence of the company in our territories is a serious threat to our cultural, social, and environmental integrity. For this reason, we believe that the only guarantee that we can have is that the transnational REPSOL YPF agrees to comply with the established norms and doctrine of the international human rights system, the laws of Bolivia, and the principles and agreements established in the company's own corporate social responsibility policies.

On Jun 29, 2007, the Guaraní de Itika Guasu People, as proof of its enduring commitment to the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples recognized and protected nationally and internationally, presented to REPSOL YPF a proposed agreement between the APG IG and REPSOL YPF where the community principally demanded that REPSOL YPF fulfill all the promises that it publicizes in the propaganda development of its corporate image.

We are sure that the presence of REPSOL YPF in our territory is going to continue causing social and environmental problems. As a result, we consider the signing of an agreement that outlines the responsibilities of REPSOL YPF necessary in order to prevent, avoid, or mitigate these damages.

As the Guarani People, we hope for a positive and constructive response from REPSOL YPF, the Bolivian government, and the corporate headquarters REPSOL ESPAÑA in order that its "verbal commitment to corporate social responsibility" becomes practice in the indigenous territory of the Guaraní del Itika Guasu.

We seek the solidarity of the people of Spain and the planet in general.

Tarija, July 5, 2007

By the Assmebly of the Guarani del Itika Guasu People.
Florentino Zeballos, President of APG IG

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