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G7 member states support implementation and further expansion of grain deal -- statement

Agriculture ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) member states voiced their resolute support to the implementation, extension, and expansion of the grain deal, according to the ministers' communique following their meeting in southwestern Japanese city of Miyazaki on April 22-23.

The ministers also expressed the readiness of the G7 to support Ukraine in rebuilding its agricultural infrastructure, including irrigation facilities, food processing and storage facilities, as well as in providing financial support to Ukrainian farmers.

Moreover, the G7 countries expressed their intention to help the Ukrainian authorities in clearing the agricultural lands in Ukraine from mines.

In addition, ministers pledged to help developing countries improve the sustainability and stability of their agricultural and food industries.

The G7 countries also expressed their strong hope that it was necessary to resort to innovations for the sake of sustainability in the global agricultural and food sectors.

Introduction of new agro-industrial technologies will be of the beneficial use for people living both in developed and developing nations, the G7 ministers noted. They also stated that the use of innovations would help to shape supply chains and provide for the decent income opportunities.

Moreover, the G7 ministers agreed on plans to form a more resilient agricultural system aimed at reducing pollution and food losses.

[Source: Tass, Tokyo, 23Apr23]

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