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Russia not to sacrifice quality of Black Sea grain ship inspections, says senior diplomat

Russia is not ready to sacrifice the quality of Black Sea grain shipment inspections, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin told reporters.

"We have the JCC [Joint Coordination Center] working in Istanbul pursuant to the procedural approvals made at the very beginning. Based on these procedures, we have been working since then," the senior Russian diplomat pointed out.

"We agreed that there would be grain shipments from Ukraine without extra cargo, all the more so, hazardous," he added.

As the senior Russian diplomat pointed out, "it would be wrong to talk about a larger number [of inspections] and doing this quicker. "We are not ready to sacrifice the quality. Our staff works highly professionally," Vershinin stressed.

"We have heard the demands to increase the number of inspections. But this can apparently be done only at the expense of the quality and at the expense of the danger that wrong cargo or improperly cleared ships could pass through. We cannot allow this," he stressed.

[Source: Tass, United Nations, 29Apr23]

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