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India records nearly 100,000 daily COVID-19 cases, health ministry says

 India’s authorities registered 100,636 new COVID-19 cases over the past day, and the total case tally since the start of the pandemic in the country hit 28,909,975, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry reported on its website on Monday.

The death toll from the infection climbed by 2,427 over the past day, reaching 339,186.

The number of daily COVID-19 cases was the lowest since April 4, when India recorded 93,249 COVID-19 cases, an all-time high in the country at that time.

India has seen a stable decrease in the number of daily COVID-19 cases since mid-May. On May 7, India recorded an all-time high of 414,188 cases of infection. However, the health ministry has been registering more than 100,000 cases of infection per day since April 5, when the authorities reported about 103,558 new cases.

According to the ministry, over the past 24 hours 174,399 patients recovered from COVID-19, and the total number of recoveries hit 27,159,180. Meanwhile, the active number of COVID-19 cases in the country stands at 1,401,609, some 76,190 fewer than a day earlier. Over the past 24 hours, 1,390,916 people were inoculated in the country, and the total number of those vaccinated reached 232,786,482.

[Source: Tass, New Delhi, 07Jun21]

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