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DRC Ebola outbreak rises to 8 cases, 6 deaths

In a follow-up on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), health authorities reported two new cases in new Health Areas (HA) of Ngilinga and Bundji (one each) in Beni Health Zone (HZ) in North Kivu Province.

To date, three HAs have reported confirmed cases, namely, Butsili HA (6 cases), Bundji (one case) and Ngilinga HA (one case).

As of 30 October 2021, total of eight confirmed cases of EVD have been reported in Beni HZ in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with six deaths (including four community deaths) (case fatality ratio (CFR) 75.0%). Children below the age of five years accounts for 50.0% (4/8) of the cases.

A total of 551 contacts are under follow up, of which 448 (81.3%) are being actively followed up, 70 (12.7%) contacts had never been seen, 11 contacts have not been seen in the past 48 hours and 9 (1.6%) contact are lost to follow-up.

Vaccination efforts continue around all confirmed cases. Vaccinators are using the “ring vaccination” approach, where contacts and contacts of contacts are vaccinated.

[Source: Outbreak News Today, 02Nov21]

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