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Shanghai marks 68th anniversary of China's victory over Japan

September the 3rd marks the 68th anniversary of China's victory in its 8-year long war of resistance against Japanese aggression, losing millions of soldiers and civilians in its struggle against fascism.

A tribute to people who lost their lives defending their homeland.

Over one hundred people gathered for a service at the Shanghai Song Hu Campaign Memorial Hall on Tuesday. 76 years ago, the area was a flaming cauldron as the Battle of Shanghai raged during China's war of resistance against Japanese aggression.

Ms Su, teacher of Baoshan Shiyan Primary School, Shanghai, said, "Although we are far away from the war age, it is meaning to bring the younger generation to commemorate the history by this ceremony."

The three-month battle eventually escalated into a full-scale war that would spread almost all across China. As one of the largest and battlefronts of the entire war, the Chinese army suffered over 300,000 casualties during the battle.

Zhu Yanping, interpreter of Shanghai Song Hu Campaign Memorial Hall, said, "The battle was really brutal - every inch of our land was covered by blood. Japanese troops were using fire bombs, leaving the earth scorched."

76 years have passed since the first shots were fired.

Shanghai has since recovered from the damage brought by the war to become the global metropolitan it is today. But the memorial hall stands as a lasting symbol to the sacrifices people made in defending their country.

Student said, "Those soldiers were very brave. I admire them a lot to die for defending our country."

Student said, "Without the soldiers' sacrifices, we won't have the happy life nowadays."

Reporter: "The memorial hall is a reminder of what happened more than 7 decades ago. Peace didn't come easy. Only by remembering history can people cherish their peaceful lives today and the sacrifices that made it possible."

[Source: CCTV, Shanghai, 03Sep13]

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