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"China's contribution, sacrifice in WWII is very much recognized," says UN chief

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Friday that the international community recognizes China's contribution and sacrifice in the Second World War, and it is very important now for the world to learn from the past lessons and look forward in order to build a better world.

Ban made the remarks on the eve of his scheduled trip to China next week, his ninth China tour as the UN chief over the past nine years, to attend China's V-Day celebrations on Sept. 3.

"China's contribution and sacrifice during the Second World War is very much recognized, (China is) appreciated for all such sufferings, and sympathized by the world's people," Ban said in a group interview with the UN-based Chinese media.

Japan invaded northeast China in 1931 and had conducted a full-scale invasion since 1937. By the end of World War II, more than 35 million Chinese were killed or wounded during the Japanese aggression.

"As you know, I will be visiting Beijing to take part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and also the founding of the United Nations," Ban said.

The secretary-general will join 30 heads of state, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hie, in attending the upcoming celebrations of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

China, which won the war in the major oriental theatre of WWII, will stage a grand military parade to mark the anniversary.

Asked about his response to the reported Japanese concern on his upcoming China visit, the secretary-general said it is very important for the world community to learn from the past and move forward.

"I read that report. The whole world is now commemorating the 70th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War, most tragic in the history of human beings and at the same time the founding of the United Nations," he said, adding "It's important to look to the past, what kinds of lessons we have been learning, and how we can move ahead to a brighter future based on the lessons learned. That is the main purpose."

"I went to Poland in May, that's the place where the Second World War started, and I went to Ukraine, and then I participated in a big event which was held in Russia on May 9," he said. "I have also dispatched the highest ranking UN senior advisor, acting under-secretary-general of disarmament affairs to Hiroshima, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb(ing), the tragedy which happened 70 years ago."

"So in that regard, I have been trying to learn the lessons and how these lessons could be applied in the future," he said. "That is why I am going to China."

"We must build upon the lessons for a brighter future where people can live with dignity," he added.

[Source: By Xinhua writer Gu Zhenqiu, United Nations, 28Aug15]

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