An Inter-Ministerial Commission is Created to Study the Situation of the Victims of the Spanish Civil War and Francoism.


A Royal Decree establishes an Inter-Ministerial Commission to study the situation of the victims of the Civil War and Francoism.

The Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree to set up an Inter-Ministerial Commission to study the victims of the Civil War and Francoism

The principal mandate of the said commission is to produce a report of the rights hitherto acknowledged of those persons who, as a result of their commitment to democracy, were subject to repressive actions from the beginning of the Civil War until the full restoration of civil liberties.

On the basis of that report a Draft Law will be drawn up to regulate the measures necessary to achieve the complete moral and legal rehabilitation of those affected.

Presided over by the First Vice-President of the Government and the Minister for the Presidency, the Commission will be composed of representatives of various Ministries with appropriate powers to enable it to properly carry out its work.

Similarly, the participation is guaranteed of associations and organizations representing those persons affected by or connected to the issues within the remit of the Commission.

[Source: Communiqué of the Council of Ministers, Madrid, Spain 10Sep04]

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