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Commemorative events at Mauthausen death camp attended by Russian compatriots - diplomat

Activists of organizations of Russian compatriots in Austria took part in the commemorative events dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen, one of the most ominous WWII Nazi death camps, on Sunday, Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky wrote on the Telegram channel of the Russian embassy.

"Russian flags are hoisted on the territory of the former Nazi concentration camp, the flowers laid by Russian mission on Saturday are occupying their rightful place," he noted. "I would like to note with gratitude that the embassies of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Israel, and Hungary laid wreaths to the central Soviet monument in Mauthausen. Wreaths were also laid on behalf of the Mauthausen International Committee, the Communist Youth, the Socialist Youth, the Union of Concentration Camps of Upper Austria, and Italian public activists."

The official commemorative ceremony was held in Mauthausen on Sunday. Russian diplomats organized a commemorative action on Saturday.

The Mauthausen camp was set up in 1938 as a subsidiary of the Dachau concentration camp. It held about 335,000 inmates from several dozen countries. More than 100,000 died in it and its subsidiaries over seven years of its existence. The Mauthausen victims include, according to various estimates, over 30,000 Soviet citizens, predominantly prisoners of war. Lieutenant-General Dmitry Karbyshev was brutally executed in Mauthausen in the winter of 1945. American troops liberated the camp on May 5, 1945.

[Source: Tass. Vienna, 15may22]

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