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Snowden: NSA should restrain from overreaching privacy

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who revealed the US' far reaching surveillance practices, is holding a live online chat to discuss privacy issues.

When asked about the damage of the NSA spying program to the country's democracy by twitter users, Snowden answered that the US should correct the framework of laws in order to restrain intelligence agencies from overreaching people's privacy. Snowden's live chat on the '' website started at 4 o'clock Beijing time, and will last about one-and-half hours.

Snowden "is expected to give his first reaction" to President Obama's national security speech issued a week ago. Obama has reiterated that the government would like to prosecute Snowden for divulging details of the NSA's activities.

Snowden may also address recent allegations that Russia's intelligence service, the FSB may have helped him steal and publish US government secrets.

[Source: Xinhua, CNTV, 24Jan14]

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Privacy and counterintelligence
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