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Russian Senator: Europe fails to remember Nuremberg lessons, giving chance for modern extremists

Europe's failure to remember lessons of the post-war Nuremberg Nazi trials and negligence of historical experience clears the way for other "misanthropic ideologies" to grow, an international affairs specialist told Russia's Federation Council upper house on Friday.

The tribunals had great historical significance but their jubilee "passed unnoticed for Europe", International Affairs Committee member Igor Morozov said in opening words at an international conference marking the trials' 70th anniversary.

"We note this with deep regret," he said. "One gets the impression that something has broken in the historical alarm clock of our European partners."

"Everyone in Europe remembers there was a trial of Nazi criminals" but talked little about its lessons, Morozov noted, adding that in the 1930s, when Nazi ideology emerged and strengthened, European countries were unable to unite to counter it "and then got World War Two, for which they paid with the lives of millions of citizens".

"Similar ideology is emerging today which is based on pseudo-Islam but is attractive," Morozov said, adding that rapid replenishment of terrorist ranks could not be "attributed to the money paid to militants".

"Certainly, there are other reasons that have to be examined," he said, voicing confidence that Nazism and the fight against it "should set thinking those who take decisions today, those who support such ideology in the Middle East and Europe".

Citing developments in Ukraine, the speaker attacked President Petro Poroshenko's assertion that citizens living in the country's long-embattled southeast would not receive pensions and wages, and that their children would sit in basements instead of going to school.

"What kind of ideology is this? Is the president (going to do that) with his own people?" he asked.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 18Dec15]

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