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North Korea refutes involvement in cyber attack on Sony Pictures

Spokesperson of North Korea's National Defence Committee refuted involvement of his country in a recent cyber attack on the U.S. Sony Pictures Company, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Sunday.

The National Defence Committee's statement reads the country "does not have idea where Sony Pictures is located or about reasons causing a hacker attack on its headquarters."

"However, we know quite well that Sony Pictures is the very company, which following the hostile policies of the U.S. Administration made a film, defamatory for the upper leaders of the Peoples' Republic."

The statement reads, the DPRK urged several times to begin fighting against the American imperialism, which "bears the major responsibility for aggressions and interference in home affairs of sovereign countries, being the world's top violator of human rights."

Thus, Pyongyang does not rule out the hacker attack against Sony Pictures "is the just course of those supporting the Republic and following its calling."

"There is a great many of supporters of the DPRK in the world," the National Defence Committee said.

Earlier, the DPRK's Foreign Ministry promised to undertake "most resolute countermeasures, if the U.S. Administration supports release of the film [Interview], which is defamatory for the country's leaders." A release of the film of the kind in the U.S., the foreign ministry said, "will become clear manifestations of terrorism and military action aimed at overthrowing the social system in the DPRK.".

[Source: Itar Tass, Pyongyang, 07Dec14]

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