Serbs treated unfairly in Kosovo

Another Albanian state has been set up in Kosovo since the UN civilian authority for the province was set up there back in 1999.

This comes in a statement by the Kosovo Serb delegates to the talks on Kosovo’s status, Markio Jaksic and Goran Bogdanovic.

The UN international administration, Mr. Jaksic says, has been treating the Albanians as a loving mother, but has proved a wicked stepmother for the Serbs.

He pointed out that since the UN mission was placed in charge of civilian issues in Kosovo seven years ago, almost two thirds of the Serbian population has been expelled from Kosovo, more than 150 Orthodox churches have been either damaged or demolished, and over 30,000 Serb homes have been pulled down.

According to Goran Bogdanovic, the international authority has failed to provide for a return of the refugees or wipe out corruption and organized crime in the province.

[Source: Voice of Russia, 20Nov06]

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