PACE recognizes Serbs' plight.

Russia's Foreign Minister urges the West not to silence the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) about the crimes of the Kosovo leader Hashim Tachi. The information about trafficking in human organs appeared long ago. And now, as I think, the investigation into the above-mentioned facts has been completed. This report must be open for everybody, Russia's Foreign Minister stressed.

According to PACE experts, Hashim Tachi is the leader of an Albanian Mafiosi group, which is responsible for the smuggling of arms, drugs, and human organs. The materials of the conducted investigation say that in the past decade Tachi has exercised control over the sale of heroin. The closest supporters of Hashim Tachi are involved in trafficking in human organs.

The atrocities of the Albanian militants against the peaceful Serb civilians were a secret for a long time. The former prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Carla Del Ponte was among the first in 2008 to make the atrocities public. In her book, "The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals", she said that in 1999 she received information about the kidnapping of 300 Kosovo Serbs and about their transportation to Albania. There in secret clinics vitally important organs were taken from them and supplied to the major clinics in Western Europe.

The fact that Hashim Tachi was engaged in the criminal business is no secret at all, the German political analyst Alexander Rar says.

"Earlier Hashim Tachi worked in a criminal sphere. Simply during the fight for independence and during the invasion of Kosovo by NATO's forces and the Americans many notions changed their meaning. Hashim Tachi sided with America. He became the friend and ally of the former US Secretary of State Mrs. Albright. In any case, from the point of view of the former Western authorities, this was how he whitewashed himself - he turned from a bad man into a hand-shaking politician", Alexander Rar says.

The PACE investigation has confirmed the exposures, which were mentioned by Russian diplomats more than once, the head of the Centre for the Study of the Modern Balkan Crisis Yelena Guskova says: "This is all well known. Serbia's government compiled for long dossiers on many Kosovo leaders and then filed the documents to the competitive bodies in Europe, to the tribunal of The Hague and to the USA. However, Kosovo is a "Holy Cow", which the shepherd - in this case, the USA - allows nobody to touch. Therefore, the plan which America is actively pushing forward with, has not been fulfilled to the end. Meaning the plan for Kosovo independence".

The Western countries have deliberately turned a blind eye to the crimes, committed by the Albanian militants from the "Kosovo Liberation Army", basing their approach on political considerations. They were afraid that publications to this effect would become an insurmountable obstacle on the way to the recognition of Kosovo's independence, which was unilaterally declared by the Albanian separatists.

For the time being, the leading NATO countries have given no comments on the PACE report. However, Pristina's reaction was very nervous. At first, those in Pristina denied everything. And then they said that the Kosovo government and Hashim Tachi would take "all the necessary measures against all those who are spreading lies and slander". Seems to be a threat though.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, 15Dec10].

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The Question of Kosovo
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