The Us Laying a Mine For The Talks On Kosovo.

US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice has told the Reuters news agency that it is only Kosovo’s independence that can bring stability to the Balkans.

The US topmost diplomat feels that the talks between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians that proceed with international mediation stand a chance of securing an amicable agreement. But Kosovo should be independent, Rice underscored, and the United States is pledged to that.

Making public that kind of position in the run-up to another round of talks on Kosovo’s status is tantamount to laying a mine for the negotiating process.

The United States kind of suggests that the Kosovo Albanian leaders who keep claiming they want sovereignty and separation from Serbia should remain unwavering. This in turn rules out the very possibility of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on a Kosovo settlement.

The Chairman of the Russian Duma International Relations Committee Konstantin Kosachev feels this kind of approach is clearly counterproductive.

"There’s no principled barrier," Konstantin Kosachev says, "in the way to reaching a compromise at the talks between Belgrade and Pristina (which is Kosovo’s administrative centre).

"The compromise could have been reached shortly, was it not for the presence of an outside factor, namely the position of a group of western nations that support Kosovo’s separatism. This is the breeding ground that undermines any prospects for a compromise.

Notably, in her interview for the Reuters news agency Condoleezza Rice did not limit herself to setting forth the US vision of Kosovo’s future, but also urged the US European allies to follow suit.

She feels that settling the Kosovo problem will call for a common position of the Untied States and Europe. She added that if Europeans needed stability in the Balkans they should make hard decisions and do the right things.

But the US State Secretary clearly chose not to elaborate on the fact that stability in the Balkans US-style could provoke an upsurge of separatism in Europe and beyond the continent.

[Source: Voice of Russia by Reuters, 25Sep07]

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