Tiraspol considers Chisinau searches only for pretext to replace russian peacekeepers by international Forces.

Transnistria's Minister of Foreign Affairs Valery Litskay considers that Chisinau is searching only for a pretext to replace the Russian peacekeepers by international forces.

He told it to reporters at the end of last week commenting on the incident between the Moldovan police and the Transnistrian militia.

The clash was prevented owing to the peacekeepers' interference, after this the sides took a decision to install an additional peacekeeping post at the conflict site.

"The conflict, unleashed by the Moldovan police in the Security Zone, is an attempt by the Moldovan authorities to create prerequisites for replacing the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria.

"The Moldovan authorities brought the residents of the Cocieri village to the conflict scene and they tried to transform this conflict between the law and order bodies of Moldova and Transnistria into a clash with the civil population", Litskay remarked.

According to him, in this way Chisinau intended to put forward a motto about the protection of the civil population and as Moldova is allegedly unable to provide this, it demands to introduce international peacekeeping forces.

Transnistrian foreign minister also expressed the opinion that the provocation, organized by the Moldovan authorities, is connected with the developments around Kosovo.

He recalled that on January 28 the elections will be held in Serbia and after it, the issue of practical actions on Kosovo's status will be put.

"It is planned to solve the Kosovo problem through the UN Security Council. And we see that Moldova's provocative actions took place on the eve of these discussions.

"In the background of the approaching Kosovo denouement it is obvious that Moldova's provocative actions present a desperate attempt to change the balance of forces in the region in favor of Chisinau", Litskay said.

[Source: InfoTag, Moldova, 16Jan07]

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