Police disrupted farmer’s strike last night, removing road barriers.

Police intervened around 3 a.m. this morning, clearing all roads in the Mac(va region and removing barriers. Branislav Mijatovic', one of the organizers of the protest, said that policemen arrived at the bridge over the Sava River in the vicinity of Šabac and threatened to use force if farmers failed to unblock the road themselves.

The policemen, accompanied by an investigative judge, claimed that staging a protest at that point in the road was against the law. The police detained several farmers who refused to move away from the bridge. Afterwards, farmers drove their farm machinery off the bridge, clearing the roadway.

Detained farmers were released from custody shortly thereafter.

Police also undertook similar action last night in other parts of the Mac(va region.

Livestock breeders went on strike nine days ago demanding higher prices for livestock and milk, a ban on the import of meat and better organization of production.

The farmers will hold a press conference later today.

[Source: B92 Agency, Šabac, 09Feb07]

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