Political Blackmail is Unacceptable: Russia's UN Representative Churkin.

The Western diplomats on the East River were not seriously surprised by a sudden confrontation between Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin and a number of other diplomats, when the Russian representative accused, at a session of the UN Security Council, the leaders of Kosovo Albanians of blackmail because of their announcements of mass-scale protests and riots in case that the resolution of the province's status be further delayed, the Serbian Tanjug agency comments.

Political blackmail aimed at the reaching of a speedy decision on Kosovo-Methohija status in the Security Council is unacceptable, Russian permanent representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said late on Wednesday, as quoted by Tanjug.

"We are concerned over the occasional threats about possible mass-scale riots in Kosovo should the status solution fail to be reached within the deadline, and we cannot but qualify that as either unacceptable blackmailing of the international community or encouragement of radical forces", Tanjug reported, citing information provided by the Russian RIA Novosti

news agency from the UN Headquarters in New York.

[Fuente: Focus News Agency, Skopje, 14Dec06]

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