Kostunica: Independence is violence.

The Serbian PM says he does not believe Kosovo solution will be reached through unilateral recognition of independence.

"That would be an example of legal violence and a double breach of international laws’ basic principles. On the one hand, this would be in contravention to the UN Charter and Resolution 1244, and on the other, no such decision can be reach without the participation of the UN Security Council", Vojislav Koštunica told Beta news agency.

According to the Serbian prime minister, circumventing the UN would not go without consequences for the states that engage in such behavior.

"This is especially true of NATO member states as it would shed a new light on the so-called humanitarian intervention of 1999.

"In that case, a connection could be seen between the bombardment then and the snatch of Serbian territory seven years later. In that case, there is no doubt nothing could remain the same in the relations between those countries and Serbia", Koštunica said.

[Source: Beta, Belgrade, Serbia, 17Nov06]

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