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Carlo the Great issued a clear statement in the ninth century: «If the Czechs attack his Frankish Empire then to raise a third of army. But if the Serbs attack then raise an army». Eleven centuries later, the «New World Order» in the guise of NATO, issued an order: «If the Serbs defend their own, then bomb them. And if they don't, bomb them anyway».

And on the March 24th 1999 Year of the Lord, the command of execution issued. For those who think I overestimated the order and that it wasn't like that, I will mention some of the statements of senior West officials delivered between 1991 and March 24th 1999. This was only a preparation for issuing command of execution.

«The Serbs should be brought to their knees» (Klaus Kinkel Foreign Minister of Germany, 1992)

«Stop the Serbs. Immediately. Forever» (Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1994)

«I pray that the fire of Heaven crashing down on the Serbs» (Father Pierre, the famous French priest - «humanitarian», 1995)

«You should bomb the Serbs» (Pope John Paul II, 1995)

«The Serbs are a people without law and religion. It is a nation of thugs and terrorists» (Jacques Chirac, President of France, 1995)

«Serbs are not very smart ... Serbian children will no longer laugh» (Lawrence Eagleburger, former U.S. Secretary of State

«Let the Serbs drown in their own stench» (Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, 1998)

«The war against the Serbs is not only a military conflict. It is a battle between good and evil, between barbarism and civilization» (Tony Blair, UK PM, 1999)

That who wasn't born back then doesn't remember those words and those people. Therefore it is important for us to remind this generation on that. Only those who forgets: two-year old Marko Simic, tree-year old Milica Rakic, graduates Milan Ignatovic and Gordana Nikolic, Stefan an Dajana Pavlovic, their father Vladimir, Julijana Brudar, Miroslav Kneyevic, Olivera Maximovic- children who have just set foot on the path of life, children which future together with their lives was taken away, could call them friends. These kids have just walked through life like Sanja Milenkovic where, some say, crouched new Putin or Tesla If that was so, unfortunately we'll never know ... Today only hypocrites can call them friends. Hypocrites who can, without shame and guilty, look at the parents, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters, which wounds will never heal, because NATO took care of it.

We, the Serbs, who listened, during 78 days and nights, sirens and watched uninvited ones flying sky, we have no rights to forget that during over 30,000 flights of the most powerful global forces back then, they throw more than 20,000 tons of bombs and over 600 cruise missiles. Those 3000 innocent souls were killed, among them 79 children. We mustn't forget that 280, 000 Serbs left Kosovo and Metohija then, and 800,000 Albanians settled on Serbian Holly ground. We must never erase the face of innocent Ljiljana Spasic which «Angel of Mercy» took away in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Strength of the nation lies in its remembrance… They mature within the exchange of stronger and weaker waves, feelings caused by such remembrance. That is a long process which full clarity gains in crucial moments of history when spiritual moria happens. That necessary strength, which manifests in hardest moments, must be kept by remembrance. This guards soul of the people and make them alive. As tree cannot stands without a roof, house without foundation, there is no nation if there is no remembrance. It gives us clear image of who are our friends and how to move forward. Based on this experience, saved from oblivion, it shows a path and values which we should convey to our forthcoming generations in order to preserve freedom, dignity, faith and Fatherland.

Even today, fifteen years later, when I look up to the sky, I see past days during which they bombed us for their interest only. Despites the costs of lives. I remember my children running into my embrace every time when they hear sirens announcing the wicked ones. I remember their tears and strong embrace caused by fear. This memory tells me: I won't forgive them children's tears! Each of us should act according to conscience, Goethe once said: «Only one evil is incurable, if the people give up on themselves». May the remembrance on tyrants which bombed us make us strong for the battle - never to be a slave to one worse then ourselves. We owe that to our ancestors from whom we gain everything, and even more to our descendants from which we borrowed all. And in front of which we must stand with dignity. Albert Einstein said, «The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it». After all, remembrance should help us all to understand why we are not in NATO; and conscience to show us what it takes not to be there.

[Source: By Nenad Blagojevic, Strategic Culture Foundation, Moscow, 24Mar14]

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The Question of Kosovo
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