Kosovo can be Separated from Serbia only by Means of Force.

The Serbian Prime Minister Voislav Koshtunitsa has announced that Kosovo will never become a legally independent state and may be separated from Serbia only by means of force. He reminded of the tragic history of NATO bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999 and called on the international community to avoid another mistake while determining the status of Kosovo.

The 1999 NATO bombings of Yugoslavia opened a new chapter in the history of the Kosovo conflict. Seven years ago the peacekeepers not only failed to settle the conflict but caused the creation of another Albanian state in the Balkans. The leaders of the Kosovo Serbs spoke about the main features of this "state" on Sunday. They reminded that since 1999, when a UN mandate for Kosovo came into force, about 200 thousand Serbs were forced to leave. More than 30 thousand of Serbian homes and 150 Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed then.

A member of the Serbian delegation at the Vienna talks for determining the future status of Kosovo, Marko Yaksic, compared the present situation with feudal times. And the West is evidently to be blamed for it, because it has never thought that it does only harm conniving at the Albanian extremists. Today two-thirds of the Kosovans are unemployed, and one third live below the poverty line. After Serbian enterprises in Kosovo were privatized by the leaders of criminal groups, the Serbs found themselves deprived of their property. But the West seems not to care at all.

The question is for how long Europe will tolerate numerous Albanian "states". The Republic of Albania, the Republic of Kosovo, the Preshev Valley in South Serbia, Western Macedonia and the Albanian districts of Montenegro. All these regions need huge economic investments. Basically, they are governed by the mob and may eventually become flare points of interethnic clashes. Europe must admit it faces the threat of a dangerous slide back to feudalism.

[Source: By Pyotr Iskenderov, Voice of Russia, 22Nov06]

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