Independence for Kosovo Will Open the Floodgate for all Unrecognized Provinces and Regions.

The Serbian foreign minister, Vuk Drashkovic has told the Italian news agency that independence for Kosovo will represent precedence for all yet unrecognized provinces and regions in the world.

Under the Serbian Constitution, Kosovo, with a predominantly Albanian population is an integral part of Serbia but the rulers in Belgrade are not in control of Kosovo. The Serbian army and police were pulled back from that Serbian province in 1999 amidst NATO day and night bombardment, yielding place to KFOR. Albanian majority in Kosovo are pressing hard for independence unmindful of protests by Belgrade.

"Kosovo cannot be seen as a special case", Drashkovic has declared. Leaders of all yet unrecognized movements, provinces and regions in the world would take a cue from Kosovo, he warned. Commenting on Drashkovic statement, Dmitry Danilov of the Russian academy of sciences institute of Europe has this to say.

It is highly possible that Kosovo will be granted independence, a most undesirable twist from the point of view of international fallouts. Independence for Kosovo will represent a precedence for all other unrecognized state formations such as sout Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Transdniestria, all former republics in the demised Soviet Union. But there are several others in the Balkans and elsewhere, all waiting to see how the Kosovo issue pans out Most likely, the international community will chose not to recognize the legitimacy of the demands by other state formations, a move capable of further destabilizing the situation in the world.

It is unclear how the world can wriggle out of the situation, said Danilov. There’s need to ponder the issue in view of ongoing discussion over the future status of Kosovo; issues of format and legitimate form of granting independence not only to Kosovo but also to other state formations yet unrecognized should be given serious thought. He believes that such approach could remove several likely problems. Unfortunately, western countries are trying to tackle and solve the Kosovo issue first and grant it independence while the problems of other unrecognized provinces and regions are treated rather lightly. It is wrong to pretend to forget the saying that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.

[Source: Voice of Russia, 24Nov06]

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