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Reports and Resolutions on Human Rights Issues

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  • Resolution on Plan Colombia and support for the peace process in Colombia
  • Resolution on the ratification of the Statute of the International Criminal Court
    May 1999
  • Resolution on human rights throughout the world in 1995-1996 and the Union's human rights policy
  • European Parliament resolution on Western Sahara in support of the Referendum on Self-determination. - 1999
  • Resolution on the situation in Chittagong Hill Tracts
    9(d) B4-0962 and 0989/97
  • Resolution on the European Union's position on the promotion of human rights in the People's Republic of China
    B4-0830, 0847, 0855, 0862 and 0872/97
  • Resolution on the United Nations international mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo dealing with human rights violations
    B4-0825, 0832, 0850, 0856, 0863, 0877 and 0890/97
  • Resolution on female genital mutilation in Egypt
    B4-0655, 0672, 0673 and 0689/97
  • Resolution on the violation of human rights in Kenya
    B4-0599, 0644, 0650, 0667 and 0692/97
  • Resolution on Kosovo
    B4-0828, 0837, 0848, 0854, 0865 and 0878/97
  • Resolution on the conditions of imprisonment of Miss Souha Bechara in Southern Lebanon
    B4-0858, 0864 and 0879/97
  • Resolution on detentions without trial in Malaysia
    B4-0936 and 0967/97
  • Resolution on Peru
    B4-0598, 0615, 0656 and 0679/97
  • Resolution on the Philippines
    B4-0601, 0645 and 0686/97
  • Resolution on the importance of continuing the land reform in the Philippines
    B4-0966 and 0982/97
  • Resolution on the political situation in Slovakia
  • Resolution on the death sentence passed on Joseph O'Dell in the United States
    B4-0609, 0630, 0653 and 0678/97

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