The MINUSTAH spokesperson deplores the gunfire heard in Port-au-Prince.

MINUSTAH spokesperson Damien Onses Cardonna deplored the outbreak of gunfire in Port-au-Prince that occurred during the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State.

In Mr. Cardonna's opinion, this was a demonstration by an armed group seeking to get across an image of a climate of insecurity existing in the country.

However he praised the capacity of the MINSUTAH soldiers and the National Police to re-establish order in the Haitian capital, thus enabling the U.S. secretary of state to adhere to his schedule.

Mr. Cardonna spoke in support of disarming all illegally armed groups in the country as a means of establishing a climate of peace.

One will never get there if one only thinks in terms of utilizing the strongest methods, he said, adding that the government should also seek to resolve the problem of violence through political dialogue.

[Source: AHP, Haiti, 01Dec04]

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