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Taliban fighters occupy the eighth state capital in six days

Taliban fighters dominated another city in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, officials said, the eighth state capital to fall into rebels in six days as US-led foreign troops complete their withdrawal.

The Taliban occupied Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan in the northeast, when President Ashraf Ghani landed in Mazar-i-Sharif and the Taliban rallyed defenders as they approached the largest city in the north.

Badakhshan state legislator Javad Mujahideen said the Taliban had besieged Faizabad before launching the attack on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, after hours of fierce fighting, ANDSF withdrew,” Mujahideen told Reuters, referring to national security forces.

“The collapse of Physabad put the entire northeast under Taliban control.”

Badakshan borders Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.

The city’s loss is the latest setback for a needy government struggling to stop the momentum of the Taliban assault in recent months.

The Taliban are fighting to defeat the US-backed government and impose strict Islamic law. The speed of their progress shocked the government and its allies.

European Union officials are trying to rob Kabul’s traditional support from the northern army on Tuesday, with the Taliban army currently controlling 65% of Afghanistan, occupying or threatening to occupy 11 state capitals. Said.

US President Joe Biden pointed out on Tuesday that the United States had spent more than $ 1 trillion in 20 years and lost thousands of troops, urging Afghan leaders to fight for their homeland.

He said the United States had provided Afghan troops with important air support, food, equipment and salaries.

The north has been Afghanistan’s most peaceful region for many years, with minimal Taliban presence.

During the 1996-2001 reign, the Taliban never had full control of the North, but this time it seems keen to secure it before approaching the capital.

The Taliban also dominated the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and Russia’s Commerceant reported daily, citing Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, raising security concerns in Moscow.

Shoygu said the Taliban promised not to cross the border, but Russia would continue training with its allies in the region.

Local appeal

Afghan authorities have urged Pakistan to put pressure on the Taliban’s cross-border reinforcements and supplies. Pakistan has denied the Taliban’s support.

The government has withdrawn its troops from some difficult-to-defend rural areas in order to focus on maintaining densely populated areas. In some places, government troops gave up without fighting.

Crab is now seeking help from older local powers he has been on the sidelines for years as he attempts to project central government authority onto traditionally evil states.

He was scheduled to meet with Mazar-i-Sharif regional leaders to coordinate between security forces and the militia and to devise operations to regain the Taliban-occupied territory, Toro News reported.

In the south, government troops are fighting Taliban fighters trying to reach major prisons in Kandahar to release their detained comrades, officials said.

Toro reported that the fighting was also taking place in the city of Fara, west of the Iranian border, and officials in Ghazni, south of Kabul, and Urzugan, southwest of Kabul, also reported violent clashes.

In Geneva on Tuesday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet reported violations that could correspond to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including “very disturbing reports” of summary executions of surrendered government forces. He said he was emerging.

Six EU member states have rejected Afghan asylum seekers arriving in Europe, fearing the possibility of a reappearance of the 2015-16 crisis, primarily over the arrival of more than one million migrants from the Middle East. Warned block executives to suspend deportation.

The United States plans to complete its military withdrawal this month in exchange for the Taliban’s promise to prevent Afghanistan from being used for international terrorism. The Taliban promised not to attack when foreign troops withdrew, but did not agree to a ceasefire with the government.

[Source: India News Republic, Mumbai, Ind, 11ago21]

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