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War between Taliban, Daesh in Afghanistan irreconcilable - Russian envoy

Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Dmitry Zhirnov believes that there is an irreconcilable war going on between the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia) and the Daesh terror group (also outlawed in Russia) in Afghanistan. The envoy believes that the Kabul Airport explosion was a challenge to the Taliban, not the US.

"The war is irreconcilable. If it was indeed Daesh in the airport, then it was a challenge not to the US but to the Taliban. Because the Taliban took responsibility over Afghanistan at the moment," he said in an interview Saturday.

According to Zhirnov, the terror attack was a reputational blow to the Taliban.

"Naturally, they could not be fully held responsible for what is happening around the airport. But the [damage is] to their image: the Taliban have just entered Kabul, and then this happens," he continued.

"As far as I know the Taliban apprehended two Daesh militants today - allegedly, citizens of Malaysia. So, I understand that they will hunt and act completely harshly towards Daesh. The Taliban does not need any more of this," the envoy noted.

[Source: Tass, Moscow, 28Aug21]

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War in Afghanistan & Iraq
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