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Taliban say Kabul suicide assault was response to ISAF raid in Parwan

Zabihullah Muhajid, one the Afghan Taliban's official spokesmen, said yesterday's deadly suicide assault on a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul was carried out to avenge the Jan. 15 raid by ISAF and Afghan forces in Parwan province that targeted a senior Taliban leader. The Kabul suicide assault killed 21 people, including the IMF's representative to Afghanistan, three UN workers, two Americans, two Brits, two Canadians, and a Danish citizen.

A portion Muhajid's statement, which was sent to The Long War Journal today, is excerpted below:

    The coordinated group martyrdom attack which struck the restaurant 'Taverna du Leban' of foreign invaders at 07:30 pm last night lasted till 09:30 pm local time in which the invaders suffered heavy losses, according to officials.

    The target of the attack was a restaurant frequented by high ranking foreigners located on 14th street of Wazir Akbar Khan area in Kabul city where the invaders used to dine with booze and liquor in the plenty.

    The successful operation was carried out very professionally by 3 heroic martyrdom seekers of Islamic Emirate armed with heavy and light weapons as well as explosives vests.

    The attack was in retaliation to the massacre carried out by foreign invaders 2 days earlier in Parwan province's Siyah Gerd district where the enemy airstrikes destroyed up to 10 homes, razed several orchards as well as killing and wounding up to 30 innocent civilians mostly defenseless women and children.

The Jan. 15 raid in Parwan targeted Qari Nazar Gul, the deputy shadow governor for the province, who also is "a member of the senior Taliban Commission," according to ISAF. "Gul has ties to the Haqqani Network and transports weapons, fighters and suicide bombers to Parwan and Kabul," ISAF stated after the raid. Thus, Gul is part of what ISAF used to call the Kabul Attack Network, an alliance of jihadist groups that includes al Qaeda and the Haqqani Network and is tasked with executing attacks inside the capital.

ISAF claimed that 10 Taliban fighters, an ISAF soldier, and two civilians were killed during the raid. President Karzai claimed that a woman and seven children were killed. For more on the raid that targeted Gul, see LWJ report, Afghan, US forces target Haqqani-linked Taliban leader in Parwan.

[Source: By Bill Roggio, The Long War Journal, NJ, 18Jan14]

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