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Kabul asks Russia's help in rebuilding Afghanistan

Afghanistan needs Russia's help in rebuilding its economy, attaché for trade and economic issues of the Afghan Embassy in Moscow, Mohammad Kasem said. Russia can rebuild 124 objects in Afghanistan, the official said. The objects in question, he added, were built by Soviet specialists during the times of the USSR.

In particular, it goes about Salang tunnel, a bakery complex in Kabul, the Polytechnic University and a power station in the town of Puli Khumri. Afghanistan promised support for Russian entrepreneurs willing to invest in the works.

Earlier, Deputy Energy Minister Yury Sentyurin said that about 30 Russian companies were ready for investment.

Moscow also expressed a hope for Kabul to join activities of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

[Source: Pravda, Moscow, 13Mar17]

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