UN nuclear chief slams US for double standards.

The head of the UN nuclear agency accused the United States of effectively breaking a ban on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through its research into so-called "mini-nukes".

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed El-Baradei in an interview to German magazine Stern said, "Double standards are being used here. The US government insists that other countries do not possess nuclear weapons.

"On the other hand they are perfecting their own arsenal. I do not think that corresponds with the treaty they signed."

Warning of the risk of a new nuclear arms race he said, "Nuclear weapons are more prized than ever. There is a serious talk of deploying nuclear weapons. Dictators want to survive too."

El-Baradei's comments came after the United States said that it was interested in research into small-scale nuclear weapons such as bunker-busters.

[Source: The Hindustan Times, AFP, 27Aug03]

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