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'The Liquidator': Brutal Mexican cartel boss famed for blowing up enemies with dynamite is finally captured

A brutal Mexican cartel boss known as 'The Liquidator' who was famed for allegedly blowing up his enemies with dynamite has finally been captured.

Jesus Salas Aguayo was placed in the DEA's Most Wanted list for multiple offences - including the distribution of drugs, murder and arms trafficking.

His ruthless methods earned him his nickname and Mexican authorities link over twenty deaths directly to the Juarez Cartel boss.

In 2008, the Sinaloa Cartel declared war on the Juarez Cartel as it sought to take control of Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.5 million people that sits on the border with El Paso, Texas.

That year alone saw the death of 1,600 people and Ciudad Juarez City achieved the title of the most dangerous city in the world for three years.

Jesus Aguayo was was hired by the Juarez Cartel bosses, who sent him to Ciudad Juarez to take over command of the cartel's street-level army of assassins.

They were notorious for mutilating the bodies of their enemies and civilians alike.

He led the assault on the invading Sinaloa forces, causing widespread bloodshed.

A year later, in 2009, he allegedly murdered a state witness in El Paso and in 2010 he was involved in a car-bombing which claimed the lives of two federal police officers.

In 2012, the Juarez Cartel boss is believed to have massacred fifteen people in a Juarez City bar.

The Juarez Cartel eventually lost the conflict but Juarez City still shows the scars of a bloody drug war that raged for four years and cost the lives of nearly ten thousand people.

But on Friday, Jesus Aguayo was finally arrested by Mexican authorities in his hometown of Villa Ahumada, around 80 miles south of Ciudad Juarez.

A gunfight occurred as the task-force moved in and his bodyguard was killed in an exchange of fire.

Following The Liquidator's detention, federal agents seized a number of items that were in his possession, including 2 SUVs, 4 quad-bikes, a large bag of marijuana, a heavy-duty assault rifle, $20,000 in cash and 17 mobile telephones.

His criminal associates fled northwards to the town of Buenaventura and the surrounding region, threatening local people with death if they did not help them escape.

He had only been in the top spot for six months, following the arrest of former Juarez Cartel boss Vicente Carrillo in October of last year.

His arrest is expected to put an end to what is an already significantly weakened criminal organisation following its defeat at the hands of Sinaloa.

It comes after nine people have been arrested by police after a secret 'drugs tunnel' was discovered behind a wardrobe in a house in Mexico (see video above).

Officials suspect that Mexican gangs were intending to use the tunnel to smuggle drugs into America.

[Source: By Sarah Ridley, Mirror, London, 22Apr15]

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