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China suspends cyber working group activities with U.S. to protest cyber theft indictment

China on Monday decided to suspend activities of the China-U.S. Cyber Working Group as U.S. announced indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegation of cyber theft.

"Given the lack of sincerity on the part of the U.S. to solve issues related to cyber security through dialogue and cooperation, China has decided to suspend activities of the China-U.S. Cyber Working Group," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang regarding the U.S. Justice Department's announcement on Monday.

The US side announced on Monday indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegation of cyber theft. This U.S. move, which is based on intentionally-fabricated facts, grossly violates the basic norms governing international relations and jeopardizes China-U.S. cooperation and mutual trust, Qin said.

China lodged protest with the US side right after the announcement, urging the US side to immediately correct its mistakes and withdraw the "indictment", he said.

The position of the Chinese government on cyber security is consistent and clear-cut. China is steadfast in upholding cyber security. The Chinese government, the Chinese military and their relevant personnel have "never engaged or participated" in cyber theft of trade secrets. The U.S. accusation against Chinese personnel is "purely ungrounded and with ulterior purpose," Qin said.

Qin said it is a fact criticized by other countries and global media that the US government and relevant departments have long been involved in large-scale and organized cyber theft as well as wiretapping and surveillance activities against foreign political leaders, companies and individuals.

China is a victim of severe U.S. cyber theft, wiretapping and surveillance activities. Large amounts of publicly disclosed information show that relevant U.S. institutions have been conducting cyber intrusion, wiretapping and surveillance activities against Chinese government departments, institutions, companies, universities and individuals, according to the spokesman.

China has, on many occasions, made serious representations with the U.S. side, Qin said, "We once again strongly urge the U.S. side to make a clear explanation of what it has done and immediately stop such kind of activities."

Qin warned that China would react further to the U.S. "indictment" as the situation evolves.

[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 19May14]

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