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China summons U.S. ambassador over indictment against Chinese military officers

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang summoned U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus on Monday night, lodging a complaint with the U.S. over its indictment against five Chinese military officers despite China's protests, according to a press release by the Foreign Ministry Tuesday morning.

The United States seriously violated the norms of international relations, breached China-U.S. cooperation in cyber security and badly hurt China-U.S. ties by fabricating information and indicting Chinese military officers on allegations of cyber theft, Zheng said.

China expressed strong indignation and opposition to the move by the United States, he added.

Describing China as a staunch defender of cyber security, Zheng said none of the country's government personnel, military personnel, or individuals have ever participated or been involved in cyber theft of trade secrets.

The U.S. accusation against Chinese personnel is groundless and ill-intentioned, he said.

A great number of revelations suggested that the United States has carried out large-scale, organized cyber theft and monitoring targeting government facilities, agencies, companies, universities and even individuals in China and other countries, for which China has lodged several complaints.

The United States owes China and the world an explanation of its own behaviors, which have been widely condemned by the international community, Zheng said, adding that the U.S. is turning things upside down by pointing fingers at China.

The U.S. behaviors testify to its arbitrariness and hypocrisy, he said. China once again urged the United States to make a clear explanation and halt such activities.

China decided to halt the activities of a U.S.-China working group on cyber security due to lack of sincerity on the U.S. side to solve cyber security issues through dialogue and cooperation, Zheng said, adding that his country will respond further as the situation develops.

China again called on the United States to immediately correct its mistakes and withdraw the indictment against Chinese military personnel.

The U.S. Justice Department announced on Monday an indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegations of cyber theft.

[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 20May14]

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