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China's core armaments displayed in massive military parade

China on Thursday rolled out a host of latest armaments ranging from intercontinental ballistic missiles to medium-long range bombers in its massive military parade commemorating the end of WWII.

Eighty-four percent of the 500 pieces of equipment of over 40 types were displayed in public for the first time.

The following are highlights of some core armaments on show in the parade:

  • 99A tank: China's advanced main battlefield tanks, known as "king of the land battle";
  • 05A amphibious vehicle: China's self-developed second-generation amphibious armored vehicles;
  • 04A tracked infantry fighting vehicle: China's infantry fighting vehicle with the good maneuvering performance;
  • Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missile: China's latest anti-tank armament used in the army;
  • 05A155 tracked self-propelled gun howitzer: China's largest artillery piece with remarkable accuracy and maneuvering performance;
  • Armed police anti-terrorist vehicle: The youngest armored vehicle in the parade;
  • HQ-9 missile: China's third-generation surface-to-air defense missile;
  • Dongfeng-15B and Dongfeng-16 missiles: conventional missiles;
  • Dongfeng-21D missile: China's anti-ship ballistic missile described by some as the "carrier killer";
  • Changjian-10A missile: China's cruise missile;
  • Dongfeng-26 missile: China's ballistic missile, can be fired at short notice and fitted with the nuclear warhead;
  • Dongfeng-31A missile: Solid-fuel Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles;
  • Dongfeng-5B missile: China's intercontinental strategic missile designed to carry nuclear warheads;
  • Yilong drone: It can perform both combat and reconnaissance missions;
  • KJ-500 airborne early warning aircraft: China's latest self-developed medium-size all-weather early warning aircraft;
  • Y8 aircraft: China's medium-size command and communication aircraft;
  • JH-7A aircraft: Fighter-bomber with PLA Naval Air Force;
  • H-6K bomber: China's medium-long range bomber, able to carry out long-range attack and destroy targets beyond defense zone;
  • J-15 fighter jet: Carrier-based fighter aircraft, once made successful landing on China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 03Sep15]

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