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Morsi accused of inciting killing of protesters in Cairo

Ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has appeared in court, where video footage was reviewed in relation to the killing of activists at the Presidential Palace in 2012. Our correspondent Yasser Hakim has more details on the day's proceedings, and why this trial is so important.

The Morsy trial started after the High Court refused a demand by the defence to change the jury. The case is related to the killing of 10 activists who camped in front of the Egyptian Presidential Palace in Cairo in December 2012 calling for Morsi to step down.

Mohamed Morsi and 14 other brotherhood leaders are accused of ordering brotherhood members to attack the activists.

The judges watched videos of the incident. Videos were taken from security cameras surrounding the palace. Other footage was provided by the media and with others from personal mobile cameras.

This case has been described as the "Trial of the Age" because if found guilty and convicted, Morsi could be the 1st President to be found guilty of killing, something the defence will try to avert.

"I think the defence will make sure there is no evidence that the former president gave orders to kill. It's the same with Mubarak's trial where he was acquitted because prosecutors could not prove he gave orders to kill protestors in the 2011 uprisings." Political editor with Gomhurya Daily Mohamed Al Amin said.

If found guilty, however, Morsi could face the death penalty or a life sentence.

[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 24Mar14]

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Crisis in Egypt
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