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Kazakh president says nearly all terrorists neutralized in Aktobe

Nearly all terrorists who attacked on June 5 arms shops and a military unit of the National Guard have been neutralized in Aktobe (former Aktyubinsk in western Kazakhstan), Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at a meeting of the country's Security Council on Friday.

"The actions of law enforcement structures made it possible to neutralize nearly all criminals; several of them are on a wanted list," Nazarbayev said.

He expressed confidence that "law enforcement agencies will find everyone, they will get a relevant punishment."

"Terrorist acts have changed society's attitude, the population justly condemns them, expecting resolute actions," Nazarbayev said.

He expressed gratitude to police officers, the National Guard, special units "for effective counteraction to terrorists." He also thanked all Kazakhs "for support of actions against criminals, as well as solidarity shown during the national mourning held in the country." The Kazakh leader reassured that the state will "render comprehensive assistance to the families of those killed."

The attackers were Salafism followers

According to the president, followers of Salafism acted in Aktobe.

"We already know that it was a terrorist raid by a group of followers of the non-traditional religious movement of Salafism," Nazarbayev said, calling attacks by terrorists "senseless and cruel".

"Ensuring in the republic freedom of religion, we at the same time intend to give a resolute rebuff to all who, hiding behind religious slogans, will shatter the situation in the country," he said.

Package of antiterrorism measures

Nazarbayev instructed the government to develop, within a period of two months, a package of legislative initiatives in the sphere of counteraction to terrorism and extremism.

"The president has instructed the government to develop, within two months, a package of legislative initiatives in the sphere of counteraction to terrorism and extremism, turnover, keeping and sale of weapons, in the sphere of regulation of migration and religious associations," the presidential press service said.

Control over weapons trade

Nazarbayev urged tighter control over trade in weapons in the country in the wake of Aktobe attacks.

The president ordered the Interior Ministry to "ensure within a month's term if necessary amendments to legislation, banning sales of weapons in the condition suitable for quick and unsanctioned use, as well as amendments tightening qualification requirements to ensure protection of facilities where weapons, ammunition and explosive agents are stored".

Besides, he said special buildings should be allotted for gun shops, which cannot be opened in multistory apartment buildings. As a ban on all weapons discussed in the society, he said the issue should be looked into from the point of view of "a possibility to ensure security without resorting to such radical measures".

The protection of strategic facilities

The protection of strategic facilities and densely populated areas in Kazakhstan will require additional security measures, Nazarbayev added.

"All the airports, bus stations and railway hubs should be equipped with modern screening systems; modern video surveillance systems and cameras should be installed in all the yards as it is done in other countries without creating inconveniences for people," Nazarbayev stressed.

He said it was necessary to increase protection of military facilities, including military encampments, military units and places of storage of weapons and ammunition.

"The population's attitude to police should be clearly regulated by laws. Law enforcers should give a tough legal assessment to any attacks or facts of disrespect for the police. A man in uniform should enjoy the state's protection and immunity while performing his line of duty," the Kazakhstani president said.

Nazarbayev, however, also urged the police forces to behave appropriately. "I am calling on all public institutions and civil society to give all kind of support to the law enforcement bodies and make a fair share of contribution to ensuring the country's security," the president said.

"Tranquility and stability in our country are the basic conditions for the development of our state and the achievement of all our goals. We will do more than the measures mentioned above. Comprehensive decisions will be made on all other issues soon," Nazarbayev concluded.

Migration control

Nazarbayev has demanded control over migration processes in the country be toughened.

"The government must add urgency to the work on the establishment of an integrated migration control system based on advanced technologies and begin to elaborate a bill on fingerprinting management. Until it is done, it must ensure the implementation of the existing registration mechanisms," Nazarbayev said.

He also stressed that obligatory registration of migrants arriving in the country is needed in the interests of security and public order in the country.

The Kazakh president ordered to set up a national migration bureau under the interior ministry that will be in charge of control and regulation of migration processes.

"Uncontrolled migration, illegal settlements create a breeding ground for crime," he said.

[Source: Itar Tass, Astana, 10Jun16]

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