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Anti-Terrorism Committee comments on cooperation between Russian, US intelligence services

The Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) reported that cooperation between Russian and US intelligence services is developing.

"Cooperation with the US intelligence services exists. It is developing," deputy chief of staff of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, Igor Kulyagin, said at Wednesday's press conference.

He noted that the war on terror requires broad international cooperation. "In this sense, cooperation with the US intelligence services is equally important and valuable to us, just like cooperation with any other intelligence services on supplying specific information to avoid terror threats," he noted.

Seven members of a terror cell were arrested in St. Petersburg last December for plotting terror attacks and murders. Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked US President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation for information received from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that helped arrest the terrorists.

Putin asked Trump to convey thanks to the CIA director and US intelligence officers and assured that "if Russian intelligence services receive any information concerning terror threats to the US and its citizens, they will definitely and immediately send it to American colleagues through partner channels.".

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 28Feb18]

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