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Norway confirms donation to Ukraine of 22 M109 155mm howitzers model M109A3GN

According to a statement published by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense on June 8, 2022, Norway confirms the donation of 22 Norwegian versions of M109 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers called M109A3GN to Ukraine. The delivery of artillery vehicles to Ukraine also includes gear, spare parts, and ammunition.

The Norwegian Army has recently replaced their M109 artillery howitzers with the new K9 Thunder 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers from South Korea, but still has old M109 stored. 22 of these have been donated to Ukraine, along with gear, spare parts and ammunition. Norway has also trained Ukrainian soldiers on how to use the artillery vehicles. This training has taken place in Germany.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces depend on Western support and are in need of weapons and equipment to withstand Russian attacks. Ukraine has specifically requested this type of weapon. The development in the war in Ukraine now suggests that it is necessary to also donate heavier artillery and weapons systems, says Norwegian Minister of Defense, Bjørn Arild Gram.

Between 1969 and 1971, Denmark acquired 126 M109Gs from West Germany, which is an upgraded version of the American-made M109A3. The main modification is the replacement of the existing 155 mm barrel with a new 39 caliber barrel based on the ordnance of the FH-70 towed howitzer, but other modifications were introduced at the same time.

The M109A3 G also features include a new 155 mm projectile magazine at the rear of the turret bustle. This can be reloaded through two outward-opening doors and holds 22 projectiles. The vehicle can carry a total of 34 155 mm projectiles. New provisions are made for propellant charge stowage. Other changes include door locks, a blasting cover for the panoramic sight, and new sealing for the shields. A hand-drive mechanism is provided for the traversing gear and new elevation balancing cylinders are provided.

In 2007, 14 of the M109A3GNs received additional upgrades and were designated M109A3GNM. The upgrade includes, among other things, a new intercom and new navigation and positioning systems. The M109A3GNMs are currently the only self-propelled howitzers that remain in active service with the remainder of the M109s having been put in storage.

The M109A3G armed with the new 155/39 caliber gun is able to fire a wide range of 155mm NATO ammunition including high-explosive, illuminating and smoke, all of which can be fired to a maximum range of 24,700 m. Enhanced range projectiles, such as base bleed, can be fired to a range of 30,000 m.

[Source: Army Recognition Group, Andenne, Bel, 08Jun22]

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