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Ukraine's parliament passes law to allow interning Russian citizens

The Ukrainian parliament broadly approved a law on Tuesday, allowing measures to intern Russian citizens living on the territory of Ukraine.

The law on martial rule was approved by 254 deputies compared with the required minimum of 226 voices in its favor.

Ukrainian MPs approved the bill in the first reading on April 9, after which it was sent for finalization after evoking many critical remarks.

"Under law, martial rule legal measures stipulate, in particular, interning (forcefully settling) citizens of a foreign state, which threatens with an attack or carries out an aggression against Ukraine," an explanatory note to the document says.

Under the law, the imposition of martial rule automatically entails labor duty for the able-bodied population, permits the compulsory alienation of property, bans gatherings and meetings, the activity of undesirable political parties, stipulates media regulation, the forcible sale of property under private or communal ownership, the imposition of a curfew, the restriction of the freedom of citizens' movement and so on.

The Ukrainian parliament initially planned to pass the law as a whole after discussions pursuant to a shortened procedure. However, MPs who spoke on the bill demanded a full procedure of discussions as there were "a lot of amendments and remarks" to the document.

The document says that "martial law is a special legal regime imposed in Ukraine or on its separate territories in the event of an armed aggression or the threat of an attack, the existence of a danger for the state independence of Ukraine and its territorial integrity."

Martial rule may be imposed after Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada (parliament) approves a relevant decree by the country's president, the document says.

Analysts say the preparation of new editions of the law on martial rule may indicate the government's readiness to impose it in Ukraine.

[Source: Itar Tass, Kiev, 12May15]

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