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Kremlin calls out US bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 as culprit for torpedoing world order

The US bombing of Yugoslavia 23 years ago torpedoed the foundation of the world order, causing its erosion, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated, when marking this calamity.

"Back then, these bombs, in addition to killing civilians, started destroying the system of international relations. It was exactly then that NATO (and when we say 'NATO', we mean 'Americans') started to bomb the foundation of the world order. It was then that an erosion of all foundations of the world order began, which led to the European security crisis, which we are living through today," the spokesman underscored.

Peskov pointed out that this crisis primarily involves the European continent - Russia and other states located there, most of which are currently unfriendly towards Moscow.

"The very Americans, who instigated all this, they suffer from this crisis much less, we must understand it well," he added.

Meanwhile, when asked whether there is "light at the end of the tunnel" in this situation, the spokesman noted that "every tunnel ends with light."

[Source: Tass, Moscow, 25Mar22]

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