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Turkey's 'Much-Hyped' TB2 Drones Are Losing Steam Against Russian Missiles As Ukraine Limits Their Usage

There are signs that the hype around Turkish TB-2 Bayraktar drones' lethality is being busted. Cracks have emerged in the Ukrainian military over continuing their use after improved Russian air defenses shot down scores of Bayraktar drones.

It manifests in the reluctance to use the American-made $10 million worth of Gray Eagle strike drones against "layered" and "massive" air defenses comprising S-300, Buk, Tor-M2, and Panstir air defense systems.

These are controlled by Russia's Western Military District bordering eastern Ukraine's Donbas region, where the fight has now moved.

A Foreign Policy report said differences had emerged between frontline troops, airmen, and the senior Ukrainian General Staff, where the latter continues to push for heavy reliance on the drones.

The Bayraktar TB2 drone had been effective against Russian armored and logistics columns in the initial days of the war before beginning to get rapidly shot down, forcing the Ukrainians to reduce their employment to 20 to 30 sorties a day.

Moreover, their success was merely tactical. Russia achieved most of its strategic and tactical aims, the biggest one being the fall of Mariupol, where nearly 2,000 Azov Brigade fighters surrendered in mid-May.

[Source: By Parth Satam, The EurAsian Times, New Delhi, 27Jun22]

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