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Ukrainian military flights into Russia prove war is unjust and Russia has no role in it, experts say

Increasingly frequent incidents in which Ukrainian military leave their combat positions in the east and seek safety in the Russian territory testify to their unwillingness to fight against their own people, to die for the Kiev regime and interests of oligarchs, Russian experts polled by ITAR-TASS say.

On Monday, 438 Ukrainian servicemen crossed into Russia. On July 26, Russia transferred to Ukraine 85 border guards who had been for three days dodging clashes with militia. On the same day, 41 Ukrainian military crossed the border into Russia through the Donetsk check point. For the past month, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has been facing the problem of positions being abandoned. In the southeast of Ukraine, police resign on a mass scale refusing to fight, and the authorities slam them as deserters. According to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, 20,000 people have resigned from the agency.

"Ukrainian military behaved quite reasonably by crossing into Russia - they had been encircled and escaped from a 'mousetrap'. Thus, they confirmed that Russia is not a party in the conflict and is ready for a humanitarian mission by offering aid to Ukrainian military and returning them back home," military expert from the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy Vladimir Rubanov told ITAR-TASS.

"The fact that hundreds of Ukrainian military have crossed the border into Russia demonstrates first of all that Russia is not waging a war against Ukraine, as Kiev-controlled mass media are widely trumpeting," the director of the Institute for Political Studies and member of the Russian Civic Chamber, Sergei Markov, said.

Ukrainian military themselves say they had medical examination in the Russian territory, aid was offered to the wounded, they had meals and had a possibility to take a bath and get new clothes. "All who are giving us orders are lying in fact that we are waging a war against Russia. None of the Russians has even looked awry at us, they understand that we are hostages of the situation in this trouble," a Ukrainian battalion commander, Major Vitaly Dubinyak, said.

"Ukrainian officers and soldiers' surrendering positions in the east of the country shows that despite triumphant reports in Kiev, resistance of militia in the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics is far from being crashed," Sergei Markov says.

"Developments of the past few weeks show that the leadership of the Ukrainian army is highly unqualified. Military left to their own devices have been left without food, water and fuel for weeks, have not been able to contact their commanders over the phone. Simply put, they were written off as cannon fodder," the expert said.

"Soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian army in the east of the country don't understand what they are fighting for, blasting oligarchs who are fattening on a civil war. For example, Dnepropetrovsk Region Governor Igor Kolomoisky is making his business on this war, on the blood of servicemen by selling bulletproof vests and gasoline at over-inflated prices," Markov added.

"The present situation in the east of Ukraine may result in mass desertion as it happened at the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, in mass actions of disobedience to commanders. It is not ruled out that Ukrainian military will turn their arms against those who are giving criminal orders to destroy their fellow countrymen," the expert said.

The incident with Ukrainian military crossing into Russia "shows that the military leadership in Kiev is poorly organized, that zigzags are seen in the domestic policy, which will come to no good. Within a period of three months, Ukraine has seen four defense ministers, and all power-wielding agencies have gone out of balance. Meanwhile, the military machine needs a more fine adjustment," the president of the Centre for Research, Analysis and Forecasting, Lieutenant General Viktor Samoilov, told ITAR-TASS.

"The anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine is a colossal mess. People were summoned to reserve training for one or two months, but in many cases they have been in a war for already three or four months without the support of officership. That is why, they are demoralized and, finding themselves in a desperate situation, they abandon positions," the lieutenant general said.

"As a result of a third in the past half-a-year mobilization, people have been drafted into the army from workshops or research laboratories, and they don't understand what for they are fighting for. The army is meant to defend the Fatherland. And how can the Fatherland be defended against its own citizens? Hastily crafted together units of the National Guard under the leadership of American instructions have punitive functions, the same as US soldiers had in Vietnam and Nicaragua," the military expert said.

"The Ukrainian army command fear that 'Mister Frost' will soon interfere in the military operation in the east of the country, and that is why they are in a hurry to complete the anti-terrorist operation regardless of human losses," Viktor Samoilov said.

[Source: By Tamara Zamyatina, Itar Tass, Moscow, 05Aug14]

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