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Watchdog claims Telegram provides means of communication to terrorists

Telegram messenger ignores safety of common users and provides means of communication to terrorists and criminals, head of Russia's Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Alexander Zharov said.

"Speaking about the answer of Pavel Valerievich [Durov, the founder of Telegram], I should say that, unfortunately, he is neutral with regard to terrorists and criminals who use his messenger, and absolutely ignores the safety of ordinary users of Telegram," Zharov said.

Earlier on Friday, Durov said on social media that potential blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia will lead to migration of information regarding correspondence of Russian citizens to cloud services controlled by the United States.

"As soon as Telegram is blocked, correspondence of Russian officials and their communications with friends and relatives and other sensitive data will go via WhatsApp/Viber to Apple iCloud/Google Drive controlled by the US", Durov said.

The fact that "there is no blocking of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger controlled by the United States in the agenda in Russia" but "blocking of neutral in respect of Russia" Telegram is proactively discussed is surprising, he added.

"Unfortunately, we did not hear a meaningful response to the questions raised in my address to the Telegram team and Pavel Durov," the head of the watchdog said in return.

"The company that manages the services mentioned in Mr Durov's message independently decides on the implementation of the Russian law and on conducting a dialogue with the Russain authorities," Zharov added.

Earlier on Friday, Telegram founder was requested to furnish data of the messenger management company for entry into the information register. If Telegram fails to furnish required data in due time, it will be blocked in Russia until information is provided.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 23Jun17]

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