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Anti-Maidan movement activists get together for rally in central Moscow

Activists from Russia's Anti-Maidan movement are getting together in central Moscow where a meeting will be held to mark an anniversary of victory of the Maidan movement in Ukraine when then President Viktor Yahukovich had to abandon his position.

Taking part in the action are representatives of the Combat Brotherhood, the Afghanistan War Veterans' Council, the Central Cossack Army and the Night Wolves club of Russian bikers. Many people can be seen wearing Cossack uniforms. There are many young people from different youth organisations among participants.

Activists say the main aim of the movement is to prevent 'color revolutions' in Russia.

The creation of Anti-Maidan movement was announced in mid-January. Among co-chairs of the new movement are Alexander Zaldostanov nicknamed Surgeon, the leader of Night Wolves, the writer Nikolai Starikov, co-chairman of the Great Motherland party, Dmitry Sablin, lawmaker of the Federation Council upper house of Russia's parliament and member of Afghanistan Veterans' Council, mixed martial arts world champion Yulia Berezikova, a deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich and the Russian action movie star, Mikhail Porechenkov.

Zaldostanov, the Surgeon, said that the movement's goal was "not to allow the dismemberment of the state, not to allow the 'fifth column' to dismember our country like in 90s."

Anti-Maidan activists have already taken to Moscow's streets in the past. Thus in mid-January they hampered Alexei Navalny's supporters from holding a so-called people's gathering in Manezhnaya Square aimed to back up their opposition leader.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 21Feb15]

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