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Ultra-nationalist Right Sector says ready to be subordinated to Ukraine's military command

The leader of Ukraine's ultra-nationalist Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, said on Friday his battalions were prepared to be legalized and to be subordinated to the Ukrainian military command.

"We are discussing the issue of legalization. We have finally found a golden-mean solution - to draft a relevant bill," he told the 112.Ukraina television channel. He said the issue was being elaborated by lawyers.

Yarosh said Right Sector voluntary battalion was ready to yield to the command of the Ukrainian armed forces' general headquarters. "We have complied with the orders of the military command. The Right Sector is being guided by state interests in the first hand," he said.

Earlier, Yarosh said earlier that there had been no official proposals for volunteer battalions to join the armed forces of Ukraine. "I have seen proposals only on the Facebook page of /Ukrainian interior minister's adviser Anton/ Gerashchenko," Yarosh said. "Neither the president nor the leadership of the Defence Ministry have voiced such proposals to me," he added, mentioning an idea to offer him the position of adviser to the chief of the country's General Staff.

"If, in line with the law, we will be subordinated to the defence ministry, naturally, we will be part of this system, but as a separate structure. It will be applicable to logistics, training and other aspects. We will probably organize a separate brigade," he said.

As for the pullout of volunteer battalions from the contact line in Donbass, Yarosh said "volunteer detachments cannot be pulled back as this is fraught with the loss of territory".

Meanwhile, adviser to the Ukrainian president Yuri Biryukov wrote on his Facebook account on Friday that paramilitaries of the Right Sector will be enrolled in Ukraine's army as contract soldiers. "Right Sector soldiers will be contracted by the 79th air mobile brigade," he wrote.

The Right Sector is an informal ultra nationalist group that was transformed into a political party in March 2014 on the basis of the Ukrainian National Assembly /UNA-UNSO/ party. The Right Sector party was outlawed in Russia as an extremist organization by a Russian Supreme Court ruling.

[Source: Itar Tass, Kiev, 03Apr15]

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