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Cynicism beyond all bounds: Diplomat slams Kiev’s policy towards Russian-speaking citizens

The Ukrainian authorities’ cynicism towards the Russian-speaking citizens has gone beyond all boundaries, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Wednesday.

The diplomat lambasted Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, after it recently held a roundtable on what Ukrainian MPs have called a ‘massive human rights violation’ against the indigenous people in Russia, claiming that there were ‘breaches’ of freedom of speech, conscience, assembly and education in minorities’ native language.

Zakharova excoriated the Rada’s move by noting, "Apparently, Ukrainian legislators believe that their own authorities’ policy on national minorities, which in fact boils down to wiping out their basic rights, can serve as a role model," she stressed. "Once again, Ukraine’s lawmakers resort to crude distortions of reality, bungling assessments and speculation under the pretext of defending the rights of indigenous people."

The diplomat stressed that by gambling on the alleged ‘rights violations’ of Russia’s national minorities and indigenous people, Kiev is once again trying to play the blame Russia game. "This is a favorable method of those, who try to score political points during the election campaign by chasing after an external foe. The cynicism of Ukraine’s legislators has gone beyond all bounds, since it is actually legitimizing the assimilation policy of their country’s leadership," she noted, going on to point out the overwhelming use of the Russian language by most of Ukraine’s population, "While the majority of the country speaks it, they won’t furnish a status for the Russian language," she emphasized.

Ukraine’s language laws passed by the Kiev regime after the coup d’etat significantly curbed civil rights. In particular, a provision on regional languages was cancelled and legislation was passed banning education in languages other than Ukrainian, in addition, strict quotas were imposed on Russian language radio and TV broadcasts.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 26Dec18]

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