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Yanukovych accuses new Ukrainian authorities of attempt to unleash civil war

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has accused the new Ukrainian authorities of attempt to unleash civil war. He said this at his news conference in Russia's Rostov-on-Don.

He added that he remained the legitimate president of Ukraine and Supreme Commander-in-Chief. "I would like to remind that I remain the only legitimate president of Ukraine, as well as Supreme Commander-in-Chief. I didn't terminate my authority ahead of time, I'm alive, I wasn't dismissed from office according to a procedure stipulated by Ukraine's Constitution."

"The US and several other countries say that I allegedly lost legitimacy because I fled from the country," Yanukovych recalled. "I repeat: I have not fled anywhere. When the radicals were seizing governmental facilities and the presidential administration, when the anti-constitutional seizure of power took place with the use of arms, I was, as it is known, in Ukraine."

"Any governmental agencies that current authorities in Kiev may form would be illegitimate," the president stressed. "The elections slated for May 25 are illegitimate and do not correspond to the Constitution of Ukraine," Yanukovich said. "I believe that the elections will be held under total control of extremist forces," he said.

"I did not leave Ukraine in the moment of the coup," Yanukovych told reporters. "On those days, they tried to use terrorist actions against me. Once circumstances permit -- which won't take long -- I'll return to Kiev."

Ukrainian president said he would address the US Supreme Court and the Congress to ask them to give an assessment to the leaders' actions towards Ukraine.

"I mean the USA statement saying Ukraine will be provided one billion dollars," Yanukovych told reporters on Tuesday.

The US legislation "bans any financial support for a state which president was overthrown by force", he said, adding "You have no right to provide such funding."

"No one has right to encourage violence and uphold a coup d'etat," Yanukovych said.

Viktor Yanukovych said the elections on May 25 the "clique that grabbed power as a result of a coup" has announced would be "illegitimate and run counter to the Constitution of Ukraine".

He added that the election would be held in the context of total control by extremist forces.

[Source: Itar Tass, Rostov-On-Don, 11Mar14]

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