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Syria, Ukraine: One Antiterrorist Front

The February armed coup in Ukraine has repeated the Syrian scenario in the Russia's brotherly nation. It was a result of the actions planned in advance using both «soft» and «tough» power directed from outside. The very same scenario has been staged by the West in Yugoslavia, Libya. For already three years they have been trying to repeat it Syria. Each time they employ methods of outside interference aimed at toppling the ruling government and moving a country under outside control.

In Kiev the coup was staged by militants trained by the CIA. There were many of them coming from Western Ukraine to join together with mercenaries from Poland and the EU states, Georgia and the Islamists with combat experience received in Syria and Libya. Using snipers hired by the Maidan leaders is also the repetition of Syrian experience… There are a few thousand of militants coming from the North Caucasus filling the ranks of anti-government forces in Syria. They are the ones to follow the call of Ukraine's deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Dmitry Yarosh addressed to Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov asking him to join efforts in the fight against Russia…As is known, Yarosh has expressed his readiness to run for presidency «to liberate occupied Ukrainian territories» including Belgorod and other Russia's regions. He also wants to make the armed formations of Pravy Sector join the regime's armed forces providing them with weapons from regular army stores.

The Pravy Sector armed formations and units of private military companies are trying to take up positions in the Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk and other areas of south-eastern part of Ukraine. Militants spread terror (for instance, people have been beaten up, killed and kidnapped in Kharkov) against activists of anti-Maidan and pro-Russian organizations. There have been egregious instances of intimidation. For example, the heads of a number of regions located at the Russian border (Kursk, Belgorod, and Bryansk) have received e-mails with threats demanding to stop support of Russian leadership's policy and come up with the declarations of their desire to join Ukraine. To counter such activities thousands hit the streets of Kharkov and Donetsk to demand referendums on self-determination like it is done in Crimea.

The seizure of powered by ultranationalist and fascist anti-Russian groups had been planned by NATO. Obviously, the next step is joining the alliance; a corresponding bill has already been submitted to the «post-revolutionary» Rada (parliament) for consideration. The NATO Secretary General has made a statement that the alliance membership is open for Ukraine. The Ukraine's entry will allow NATO to get close to the borders of the Russian Federation providing the capability to hit Russian strategic missiles in flight while reducing the flight time of NATO missiles to Russia's targets of vital importance. Upon joining NATO, Ukraine will demand to take the Russian naval base away from Sebastopol.

From point of view of economy the coming to power of anti-Russian forces means losing contracts with Russia's industrial enterprises, including military sector (aviation, shipbuilding, missile components, armor and transport). If the anti-Russian regime stays in power in Kiev, then Ukraine will inevitably become a breeding ground for terrorism. The chances are great that it will be used to dismember the Russian Federation like it happened with the Soviet Union.

At that, the steps being taken by Russian leadership could prevent such a situation creep. First of all, I mean the unambiguous support for Crimea self-determination. The people in the eastern and south-eastern parts of the country also demand the right to decide their own fate.

The events in Ukraine have split the Western block. Europeans understand that turning the country into a breeding ground for Islamic radicals may entail the spread of terrorist campaign into the EU member- states. As terrorists return from Syria, the security situation may seriously aggravate. The support of Russia by China and then majority of Arab states, especially Egypt and Syria, is especially important.

The Ukrainian crisis has become an important stage of Russia-Ukraine relationship evolution. It has put an end to illusions of those who perceived the Western society as an example of democracy, and the Western political elite as a guarantor of human rights with clean sheet. The events in Ukraine prove the West's irrepressible desire to move eastward will always make it ignore the fundamental human right - the right to life. It's a serious, sobering lesson which Russia is to learn really well.

[Source: By Boris Dolgov, Strategic Culture Foundation, Moscow, 11Mar14]

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Ukraine Unrest
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