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Donetsk's police confirm death of three people in skirmish in Slavyansk

The division of Ukraine's interior ministry in the Donetsk region has confirmed three people died in a skirmish in Slavyansk (northern Donetsk region).

The interior ministry's version is "unidentified persons in four cars approached the block station and opened fire at the people guarding it."

The source said three people had been killed in the skirmish /two local residents, the third is being identified/, and three more were wounded.

An investigation is underway.

Earlier, Ukraine's Interior Ministry confirmed a murder of one man in Slavyansk.

"In the town of Slavyansk in Donetsk region on April 20, at about 03:00 (04:00 Moscow time), at a security stations at the entrance to the town, happened an armed clash between two groups of civilians. One man dies and three got gunshot wounds. The injured have been taken to hospital," press service of Ukraine's interior ministry reports on Sunday.

Russia-24 television channel reported on Sunday in Ukraine's Slavyansk (Donetsk region) unidentified persons at night attacked people guarding a northern entrance to the city,.

At the entrance to the city were local people, who did not have any arm. Usually, they inspect vehicles entering the city and warn self-defence forces about approaching Army forces. Several cars approached the guards, and people in the cars began firing at the civilians. Self-defence forces arrived to the site and fired back, killing two attackers.

In the two cars the civilians found logos of the Right Sector group, and an arsenal of weapons used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The self-defence activists found in the cars aero photo maps.

The attackers have not been identified yet.

[Source: Itar Tass, Kiev, 20Apr14]

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