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Dozens of people hold picket near building of Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev

Several dozen people armed with bats, metallic rods and batons gathered in front of the building of Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers late night Wednesday.

They threw petards into the courtyard of the building where several policemen were staying.

It was not exactly clear what had brought them to the governmental building but some sources said the crowd consisted of activists of the so-called Maidan self-defense who had come to support the students pressing for a meeting with the acting interim education minister Sergei Kvit.

A brawl broke out between the self-defense activists and the militants making up Ukraine's 'national guard'.

Other sources said about thirty paramilitaries of the self-defense force were demanding dismissal the State Guard Department, Valery Geletei, as they thought his order to use force against participants in an earlier meeting, which involved self-defense activists, was unlawful.

They told the UNN news agency that Geletei was obstructing the activists' attempts to get appointments with cabinet members.

To draw attention to themselves, the protesters threw petards by the walls of the Cabinet building.

[Source: Itar Tass, Kiev, 01May14]

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Ukraine Unrest
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