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Immigration crisis in EU caused by West's interference in Middle East

Russia has levelled sharp criticism at the West's forcible meddling with the affairs of sovereign countries as a factor that gives rise to tidal waves of migrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe.

"The current crisis near the southern borders of the EU is in many ways a byproduct of forcible interference of some Western powers in the Middle East and Africa," a spokesman for the Russian delegation said on Monday at a session of the UN human rights council underway here.

Russia believes no country in the world could respond to the existing challenges alone, he said. As for the EU struggle with illegal migration, Moscow is convinced that the destruction or incapacitation of vessels transporting the migrants would a disproportionate measure totally unhelpful in terms of resolving the problem.

"EU's actions shouldn't go beyond arrests of the ships that transport illegal migrants," the spokesman said.

The Russian delegation believes it is important to establish dialogue between both the host countries and transit countries while the tightening of border controls will bring about nothing but localization of highly explosive problems, he said.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 16Jun15]

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